The Yoga Life Society Bija

Date: 13-Jun-2015 to 13-Jun-2015

Time: 6PM   Location: Yoga Studio 2F, analog, Shinjuku 257-1, Shimizu-cho, Shunto-gun, Shizuoka-ken 静岡県駿東郡清水町新宿257-1 analog二階 ヨーガスタジオ   Country: AU

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Contact: Mr Kato

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Fundraising Details: Currently the company (Analog Union) runs a cafe/clothes shop and an individual entity "Yoga Life Society Bija" which it intends to merge in 6 months. The purpose of this event is to promote the presence of Yoga Life Society Bija and to gain new customers, and to promote yoga in the area. Event will screen Yogawoman and provide community space called "Yoga Meeting" at the ground floor cafe for anyone interested.

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