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Angela Farmer


Angela Farmer is a world-renowned Yoga teacher who inspires students to reflect inward and reconnect with deep springs of wisdom, energy and creativity that lie within. Angela and her husband Victor van Kooten began teaching together more than 25 years ago and have been traveling around the world to share with students their understanding of the physical and energetic interplay in yoga. Angela has held many retreats for women and has developed a unique way for students to access ‘lost’, injured and traumatized parts of themselves with healing guidance.


What are the benefits of yoga practice, personally? First of all I feel more comfortable just being myself. And secondly, although I’m 71, I think I feel better in my body than I did when I was much younger. I do have certain issues but I’ve always had them and I think I’m more friendly with them now. Thirdly, I definitely enjoy life a lot more than I did. I just take in rather than try to give out all the time. I see what an amazing miracle life is. And how much there is that we are given.

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