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Katchie Ananda


Katchie is an internationally recognized Anusara yoga teacher. She was named in ‘Yoga Journal’ as one of the top five yoga teachers making a change in the world. A former dancer, Katchie has 20 years experience as a yoga teacher, trainer and workshop/program developer. Deeply inspired by her teacher, Jack Kornfield, Katchie is an avid practitioner of Vipassana Meditation and volunteers at the San Quentin State Prison, teaching yoga to Inmates. Katchie is co-founder of Yoga Sangha, now YogaKula studio in San Francisco.


As a teacher I love providing the space for a woman to come in and take all this incredible
energy that she is lavishing on everything in her family and her community and put it all on herself to get in touch with how she feels, what she needs, where she wants to go with her
life. And what is important to her. And that is the healing quality of yoga to me.

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